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I want to empower people to transform their lives, achieve their goals and express their gifts and talents for a meaningful and fullfilled life. I start this process in the Home because it mirrors who we are.


When we have a vision for our lives, we can start to DESIGN it, closing the gap where we are and where WE WANT TO BE.

DARE TO DREAM AND WORK FOR IT. Start with a baby step and take small action to a successful life. We all have our GOLDEN TOUCH to apply in our lives and reach our potential.

Are you living THE BEST VERSION of yourself?


Arts and music fascinated me since I was born. I’ve graduated for 5 years in Set Design at the faculty of Lisbon Theatre and Film School being awarded with a scholarship by Leonardo da Vinci. At the same time I was taking 4 years of Drawing at National Society of Fine Arts and Colour for one year. And Illustration at Faculty of Fine Arts.

One of my richest experience was moving to Romania in 2004 for more than 4 months to run the scholarship where I ended up working at Theatre Bulandra, Bucharest, to create the Costume and Set Design for the play of August Strindberg The Father, directed by Catalina Buzoianu.

At the same year I did the first Rock in Rio Lisbon, on the backstage production, dressing rooms and stage assistance. I had the most incredible experience starting as an Interior Design assistance and Costume for the team of Sir Paul Mccartney.

So I’ve been privileged and honoured to meet this living legend. The next days of shows, encountered more amazing artists to work with. From Metallica, Sting, Foo Fighters, Peter Gabriel, Britney Spears to The Black Eyed Peas and so forth, held me a recommendation letter. A great kick off year to be invited to go on tour with some of the artists I was working with.

The journey on Rock in Rio Lisbon continued in the following years in the role of assistance and production, coordinating the backstage, giving all support to the artists. As a Interior Designer in additional, I designed the rooms attending the requirements of Sir Elton John in 2010.

salome-letras-rolling-stonesIn 2014, The Rolling Stones requested special Interiors for their dressing rooms, which were designed 4 months before the show so that could be approved in advance. While I was production assistance at backstage for other artists, this experience was beyond my imagination.

I’ve never stopped learning and studying so I’ve constantly updating myself doing courses and masterclasses that expand my knowledge in order to apply in my personal and professional life. In that journey I´ve worked in companies like Sonae, Vodafone, Time Out Lisbon and IKEA Portugal. That gave me a huge experience to understand the vision and mechanics of large corporations.



My turning point was in 2014, after a period of depression, suffering, endless pain, when I could finally start to have consciousness that I was the creator of all the circumstances I was living, especially the ones I didn’t want to experience at all! After the Shadow work and going through the process of The Dark night of the Soul I could finally start a new journey to connect with my true self and feeling that we are powerful beyond measure.

I’ve tried to fit in the masses belief system but it all ended up with frustration, fears, anxiety and the feeling of not belonging to the system. After a traumatic separation I really crashed and reached the bottom of all the pain I could ever imagined. Inside that spiral of suffering, rejection I was surviving with one year and half baby in my arms, feeling alone and humiliated. That culminated having panic attacks, particularly in crowed places or next to families with children. The shock was huge and deep and I couldn’t believe of being target of such cruelty and revenge from the person I was sharing my life for 7 years. I lost then, all hope in humanity and motivation in existence.

Through the path of seeking answers, I’ve learned is that we are totally responsible of our circumstances. One of the valuable lessons. We all have the power of choice. Everything we do, think and say has a matching consequence wether we are conscious of that or not. And we don’t have to carry the responsibility of others people behaviour against us. What others DO it’s their accountability, what YOU DO it’s yours to be conscious about. There for, I took responsibility of my actions and I started to make the changes I wanted to see IN ME. Including being surrounded with people who inspire, uplift me to be the best version of myself. Then I just set boundaries for what no longer serves my pathway and be with peers I want to have in my life.

A special incident marked the journey to reconnect with myself. While sketching in St.Petersburg at the shore of Neva River, a man was drowning in the river, fighting for his life. After hearing the splash in the water, I immediately move to reach him out. Plenty people were walking by and some were just seated next to me, simply observing.

As I couldn’t hold myself to anything, I gave my arm and called him to make an impulse. It was an intensive moment till he finally grab me. On that moment it was immediate I could fall as well so in silence, I ask to the divine force or whatever may exist, to give me the strength to hold both of us. I tried to push him but it was too heavy. I screamed for help but even the people one meter from me, didn’t move. I realize I was getting weaker asking for help. That was the moment I ask for all the force of the universe, my guides and all the frequencies that I believed that give creation to all existence, to give me the power to hold both of us. It was an intense moment that cannot be described in words. Seemed an eternity. Finally help came, his family pulled us together. After some minutes, clarity invaded me, I wasn’t afraid of losing my life but I cried imagining my son to be raised without his mother.

This was a moment of big CONNECTION and a huge lesson. We have more power than we believe, we are powerful beyond measure and we don’t even explore what we are capable of BEING and DOING.

I went on a journey of self-knowledge, investing time and money exploring  the works of some authors and role models; taking seminars, courses of neuroscience, biology, psychology, quantum physics, Relationships and Love. Through that understanding, I reached the primal  importance of Empathy,  feeling with others from their perspective, put myself on others shoes,  which is totally different from sympathy, where nice words are said with no connection. PHD. Brene Brown is brilliant on approaching guilt, shame and vulnerability.

Lived my entire life in scarcity so I had a long process to break the limiting thoughts that were preventing me for abundance and prosperity to flow.


Doing the Shadow Work help me to see what I was hiding from myself and that, only the truth would set me free. It was needed courage and humility to embrace the negative thoughts, anger, traumas and observe my character and personality, in order to transmute and start to thrive. My therapist Maria Bartolomeu was an amazing platform to support me in this transition, to be back to life and live my full potential. So I believe we don’t have to be alone, someone specialist in the areas we need to work on, would help us to be a guide toward our success.

We have the power of choice. We can choose to live on automatic pilot, the same daily routine or we can live in creativity and consciousness, expanding who we are, making a contribution to those around us and simultaneously causing a positive ripple effect in the world. We can keep blaming others and the society, repeating the same cycle of stagnation, or we can start asking deep questions that can bring about profound changes to our lives.

We cannot expect a different result operating the same way. What you have at the moment is the result of what you think, say and do. In order to have a different result, something has to change.

Taking the masterclass Unlock Your Quantum Powers by Dr. Jean Houston PH.D.  along with workshops from Deepak Chopra,  Jack CanfieldByron Katie and many others, was a huge jump. Followed by other masterclasses with Neale Donald Walsch, Craig Hamilton, Marianne Williamson, Dr.Joe Dispenza, Dr.Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, John C. Maxwell, Lynne Twist, Jesse Elder, Mike Kemski, Allen Brouwer and so forth, inspired me to explore my potential, to be real, authentic and tune in to a frequency that uplifts me. Utilising the tools I gained from this time, also had a positive impact on my interaction with peers and clients. We could all benefit.

What also helped me along my journey was applying the teachings  I’ve learned with Tony Robbins. I had the chance to go to the seminar Unleash the Power Within , It was a dream that came true to me, a transformational trip towards the unlimited power of self. It all started when I place on my vision board and envisioned everyday. It was transformative, my life would not be the same again.

There are many cycles in our lives and through that understanding we can start everyday to re-write a new chapter to live with more purpose, joy, fulfilment and CONTRIBUTION. I found then with Kirsten Steno how to apply house-coaching to my life and the people around me, clients and friends could also benefit immensely. It was a year of deep studying to get a certification and no words can describe how important was Kirsten in my life.

Much Appreciation for being here writing to you, dear reader….

Salomé Letras


Logo meaning


Gold: we all have a noble gift to apply in our lives, our GOLDEN TOUCH

Green water: Transformation

SL: my name in mirror, everything around is mirror of us

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”We cannot expect a different result with the same thoughts and actions.”

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