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“I HATE GOLD” – Daniel said

How house Coaching can be effective to help you find your true colours and textures? How could you express your blueprint and create a matching environment?

Daniel had a simple idea, to start in a new house, downsizing the old items and furniture. He approached me just as an advisor to help them to decide what to choose for the new home. A new project just started for this family.

Choose with Ease

Do you have a design or specific style you like? Whether you prefer a trendy environment or more classic, there’s always space to make a mix that integrates both. Look around, pick images that inspire you. Then observe the furniture and elements that you already have at home. Are they making sense for the moment?
Do you feel they reflect who you are today?

The house was totally filled with classic century and expensive furniture. The idea was just to choose the best and integrate them at the new space.

What are your needs?

It was important to bring awarenesses to Daniel and his family. What do you need at your house? What do you really like? What activities take place at your home? Are you a reading lover? A music or cinema enthusiastic? Do you like art, paintings around you? (#dream #vision #needs). Throughout this questions, relevant content started to show up.

Daniel created a board with images that inspired him deeply. His natural choices were totally different from the style of home he was living in. He loved Minimal Design. Couldn’t be more opposite to the classic and heavy atmosphere at the actual house.
Whats at stake?

Stun Your Choices

“Be bold and brave, show off your style, and tell your story.”

No matter the past story attached to the stuff, it may be no longer at the service of your actual essence. What’s at stake is to choose new items and give a new life to the old furniture that no longer serves. Sell it, give as a donation or restore, it’s an important decision to bring the NEW into the next space.

How to Claim the life you want to live? Trust in your internal navigation system it will approach you to your pathway

Through that understanding of what makes his “heart sing”, Daniel understood more about himself. A lot of questions were made. Why they were living in an environment that were not matching their nature? They were all sick in that house and thought that moving into a new place, would be the answer. All the family immerse on their own SOUL DNA, the starting point to facilitate what are their preferences. Then we could go on the journey of understanding why we create an environment that makes us feel disempowered, stressed, overwhelmed and chaotic?

What materials tell us?
“Colors and materials have in impact of how we feel. Most of the time we are not aware, unless we question it and bring to consciousness what’s behind that emotion.”

After a long decision of breaking the traditional old and classic house. We run through materials, colors and textures. Daniel always felt uncomfortable with certain objects at the house. He would always referred to gold and metal finishes (already at their house), with discomfort, causing a certain pain on his stomach.

I asked about it. “I hate gold. It makes me nervous”- he said

Where would that come from? At the coaching process, questioning the thoughts behind, allow us to go to the the root that is causing that belief to take place.
When Daniel was a child, he lived with his parents in a luxury house, full of gold, ostensible objects. Every time his parents were arguing he perceived everything around shining, like the objects could scream at the same time. Everything standout and the trauma of those moments, were capture in his mind and body. Unconsciously he was perceiving the gold as a trigger to feel the same discomfort of the past story. We was never aware of that, until we went back to the root of what was creating this particular reaction.

The gold was not the problem but the story behind it.

He could look at it now in a different perspective not having any emotion anymore. He could break the limiting thoughts around it.

We can only change what we bring to the surface. Once we know what’s is the root that causes pain, we can rewrite the story and give a new meaning to things, to places, to colors, to elements. A new chapter of the book or our lives, can start now…

Choose with your conscious mind.

Result of the changeover

In this process, Daniel understood how he was lacking self-worth, self-confidence, lack of purpose, fear of failing, fear of being seen, affraid to speak and walk on the streets. Knowing this, he could make a move toward his transformation, becoming a better version of himself. Changing what no longer serves, embracing the blocks that were preventing him to express his identity, would allow him to live engaged with his passions, dreams and desires.

A new world emerged for Daniel. The house was organised with solutions for the entire family, it was fresh, vibrant, tidy , reflecting their style. New and old pieces were the highlight of the space. It was sparkling beauty for their eyes and a safe atmosphere to inspire each one to live and grow.

All the solutions were supporting HIS needs.

And Daniel’s bedroom was his favorite spot, the nest that represents safety, comfort, style, character. Where he could drawn his day, balance his emotional state, recovering from the day, writing and reading, having creative thoughts for his life. Basically a place he could recover from his daily life and balance his emotions.