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Open storage can also be part of the home style and in a creative way you can have #organization , #functionality and caracter all together.

opne storage solutions

Needs: Books, Stationery, Kitchen utensils

1. Make sure the surroundings are uncluttered and clean environment. Adding too much open solutions will make the area small and messy.

2. Decide what is your NEED and which SOLUTION suits better

3. Do it brave and bold, bringing aestetic to it, even when its a functional area.

4. Don’t mix too much activities and use the upper level to store things that are not for daily use.

#design a healthy space to live, love and grow

Every layout comes with MEETING YOUR NEEDS for storage.

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Choose items of the same family

Mixing different families of organizing products will make the visual effect chaotic. Choose one and repeat it. Be bold, you already have variety with the items and pieces you want to storage.

Needs: Books, Stationery, Daily items in use

Needs: Books, Stationery, Daily items in use

A basic COLOUR

“Be original, show off your style, and make it functional.”

Choosing one colour furniture,even if it’s different storage design, makes it more clean and tidy to mix other materials, textures and colours. You can add different objects and won’t be disrupting to the space around.

A basic COLOR

Get Inspired

To sort it out all your objects, make a list of what you want to storage. Clothes, Shoes, Books and Stationery, Kitchen Utensils, Accessories, Laundry, Toys and so forth….

Get to see what shops offer for organizing, open furniture, cabinets, bookshelves that can add elements or even modules you can tailored. Start creating your own open storage.
Good luck!