House Project

House Project

Date January 2016-2017
Location Santos, Lisbon
Client Family of three + 5 dogs

“It was a unique experience to have Salome in charge of the design of our new home. We had sold the apartment where we lived and we were moving to a villa. Over many years we had accumulated many furniture, objects, and, quite simply, a lot of stuff. We felt that we were not comfortable as we were living and moving home would be the opportunity to reshape things.”

We did not have a completely definite goal. Our main wish was for the new house to have a modern style. The furniture we had, some of which we had never really enjoyed, were mostly classic and traditional in style. Many were to be left behind. But there were a few that we had affinity with and that we wanted to keep for the new house. And here arises one of the greatest difficulties. How to solve the conflict of wanting a modern environment and at the same time conserving furniture of another style?

In addition to the furniture, many more questions have arisen. For example, create proper lighting, create spaces for specific functions. I had never realized, until Salome shows us, how important it is to have a place to hang your coat or, for people like us who like to cook, how important it is to organize a kitchen.

Salome never imposed a time limit. She presented us with a series of ideas. One day we liked something, another day it was not quite that way. The important thing was to look for the right hit, delay the time it took.

In the new house Salomé changed walls and floors, remade the lighting, restored old furniture and searched for new ones, found the right place for each piece of furniture and object.

And little by little the house began to take shape. It was one of the most remarkable experiences we have ever had. We were not decorating a house. We were creating a space that reflected us, with which we identified and that could only be ours.

And finally Salome still showed us something else. It is no use having a new home if there is not a change in us as well. It is possible to change the attitude that has previously led us to live in confusion and to accumulate stuff. It takes will.”

Our Solutions

Despite the building was newly renovated, I improve some areas to meet each person needs. From changing the entrance floor, from removing walls, adding a complete lighting solution, to built-in solutions and so on.

It was a long process to find a fluid layout, combine textures, colours and materials to create the atmosphere telling their story, removing clutter, renovating classic furniture, designing new one to create complete solutions that would last.

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