IKEA @Penang Traditional family

IKEA Penang Traditional Family

Date 2019
Location Penang, Malaysia
Client IKEA
Category Commercial

A new IKEA store was planned. Here is the result of the Build-up with before and after pictures during the construction.

Our Solutions

Complete solutions for each area to enhance the style and living situation of the work brief.

Understanding which activities were going to take place in this room, who lives there, what’s their story and how can we be relevant for the market, its a highlight.

A Young Couple with a baby living in an apartment with a complete solution Living Room with the door entrance welcoming the space.

Many activities take place in this environment. Displaying heritage objects, moodboard of family portraits, traditional accent with a mix of new materials and simple lines. A cozy atmosphere pronoucing the importance of textiles and how they can be relevant to the area.

Living with children requires to integrate the child at the space with his needs being met and to grow on an safe environment.

From socializing on a big dining table, or work on laptop, playing, storage different items, showing special objects, breastfeeding on a special armchair, flexible storage tables, sit, relax and watch TV, are necessities to be covered.

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