The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones Rock in Rio Dressing Rooms

Date May 2014
Location Rock in Rio Lisbon
Client The Rolling Stones

The band requested special interiors for the dressing rooms at the BACKSTAGE while they were performing at the Rock In Rio Festival.

Our Solutions

I had a list of colors, name for each container and member of the band. Through that I started to Design the layout inside the plastic containers, send them in 3D images to be approved and to do adjustments.

After being accepted, in planning, we had to implement the entire design in real, take pictures and send it again.

Each Dressing Room had a name for each member. Through that research, I created the story to begin the atmosphere of each room with a unique style.

Workout Room for Mick Jagger

Recovery Room for Ronnie Wood

Cotton Club Room for Charlie Watts

Camp X-Ray Room for Keith Richards