TV Fine Living & NOS

Surprise Bedroom- Fine Living Channel & NOS Contest

Date September 2016
Location Porto, Portugal
Value €10,000
Client Couple with new baby
Category Residential

Surprise Baby Bedroom, Fine Living Channel supported the contest with NOS company to launch the Fixer Upper programme at television.

A young couple won the Contest for a surprise project for the new baby to come.

They wanted a vibrant and beautiful bedroom, their inspiration was mixing the Scandinavian style with Modern accents.

Our Solutions

Sessions of House-Coaching were the first process to understand the needs of the couple. As bedroom are made for children to grow and expand their creativity, the project was intended to reunite the atmosphere both felt more inspiring for them but it was primarily to understand the needs of each phase of the growing child. An environment for the baby to have his activities in a healthy, organised, fun and playful way.

A cot that would turn on a single bed. A wardrobe to keep small clothes at the same time would fit for theatre play and role play.

Storage for toys. A small house to play and have fun. Colourful and funny lighting. Inspiring quotes on posters. Flexibility on the floor to play. A ceiling star to embrace imagination and creativity.

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