House Coaching

House Coach Institute

Coaching concept

Coaching addresses personal formation activity between instructor and client to help in the evolution of a particular area of his life. Means that the instructor make a development process with client that motivates and encourages with the use of techniques to reach his goal.

We help to Design your life in your home through joy and love.

House-Coaching is a combination of techniques and tools of Interior Design and Life Coaching.They were developed over a period of 25 years by Kirsten Steno, utilising skills from life coaching and interior design industries and combine them to find each one’s authenticity. The result is an experience of life transformation.

We all have a compass to lead us back home; our heart.


When do you need house-coaching?

  • In every situation you want to transform.
  • You have a fantastic house and yet not feel at home​
  • Moving to a new house
  • Starting a new family​
  • Divorce​
  • Marriage​
  • First home
  • Create your healthy space that reflects your values

The House – Why?

  • What significance does the house have in our lives?
  • It should be a space where you charge your batteries, such as a mobile phone needs electricity to work.
  • Where we find peace, comfort and safety and above all , energy that revitalizes us.
  • This is the space that conveys the emotions and revitalizes and not the house itself.

Listen to your heart it will sent out a signal to your body. That’s your compass to bring you back home. Do you know what makes you happy?

Butterfly Metamorphosis


Butterfly metamorphosis is very related to cycles of transformation of the human being.
These changes are marked throughout life by events that require a transformation of who we are until that precise moment.
It may be a marriage, a divorce, a new job or loss, illness, loss of a loved one, the coming of a baby and many more…in any of these situations you have to go through an adaptation.
​This metamorphosis goes trough four stages of transformation.
Understanding where you are in that cycle , and helping you to replace feelings of fear and disorientation for love and trust.

Leave your cocoon and become a butterfly is an opportunity to expand your new self. More structured, reformulated, confident and reap all that sowed during metamorphosis. You can now enjoy the dream that was getting in shape.