C. Gonçalves

Salomé made a difference in my life and in my internal growth. I was in a process of separation and I needed to start all over and quite desperate… I approached other Interior Design services but somehow I wasn’t feeling connection.I felt a momentary calm when we spoke in person and that I would have what I expected and wanted from the house: something that I felt happy and fulfilled, when I was enjoying it. I always had the desire to have a house that would reflect me and that I could call Home. 

She made me feel SAFE, I don’t know how to explain, the way she starts all the process is very powerful. I have an incredible place that inspires me and gives me peace. I’ve learn some much about the importance of the home and I started as well my process of personal transformation. My consciousness grows everyday and I have now, after 45 years of my life, a place I can call HOME which supported me to reborn.