Ikea Bangkok New Media

Ikea Bangkok New Media

Date 2018
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Client IKEA
Category Commercial

New IKEA store in Bangkok, Thailand linked with a shopping mall.

Our Solutions

New media solutions to respond the needs of having several main entrances and be relevant to the new store layout.

A Set of Rooms in each floor, approaching different living situations and styles.

The first media was showing a family with single mother with two children. A bedroom with connection to the door entrance and bathroom. Show different functions, activities, open and close solutions to fit everyone needs and be relevant to the market.

Second floor with a Bedroom for a single girl with feminine and modern style. A cosy and organized atmosphere to keep all belongings, a integrated office and a sweet corner to read and relax.

On the third floor, a family with two children on their busy balcony. A scandinavian style with all the functions to meet everyone’s needs and express their character and personality.

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