Create the atmosphere that reflects your true colours, combine graphics, patterns to add that unique and special accent to any room.

There is not an absolute truth in the field of design and interiors but there are some guidelines to create harmony, coherence between all the elements that integrate the space. That visual statement is a reflection of your soul, of your true self or your unique blueprint, whatever you want to call it.

“Patterns create a strong visual effect in any area. You can tell a story through it and touch our deepest senses. Be brave and combine organic with geometric or big shapes with small details.”

To find the right proportion can be a challenge. If you have a space wider enough for any element to have it’s own space, then you can be BOLD, mix and match more elements. However, in a small division adding too much, can create a sensation of overwhelming and disruptive.

Create Content

When you want to create a sense of depth in any room, you can add layers of different #patterns. Choose the theme that reflects your style, your character. Make a “moodboard” with images of complete rooms that touch you deeply and pictures of objects, colours or phrases. #moodboard is a tool of #inspiration to serve you as a guideline in order to choose the feeling you want to enhance in your space. This tool is the impression you want to reflect in the area you are creating. Many platforms online have thousands of images that can inspire you. If not, just add small details, colours, textures and quotes.

You are lighten up your conscious mind for what inspires you and all sensory reactions will be in tune with your desires. You are not choosing randomly anymore, instead the decisions are more coherent and alined.


You can start to express yourself through patterns.

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