Do you want to Impress others or express your true nature?

Needs: Books, Office, Dining, Socialize, Storage, Tv, Read and Relax, Cats items

1. An environment messy and cluttered, triggers the nervous system for anxiety and frustration.

2. Marie was living in a chaotic house for way too long. The way we nurture our surroundings, specially the place were we live, says a lot about our internal self.

3. Self awareness is the key to understand where you are. What are you projecting to the space where you live? Traumas, lack of self discipline, low self worth?

4. It takes time to break patterns and habits. But they are preventing you to move forward. It’s a journey of consciousness and creativity towards peace, joy and freedom.

#design a healthy space to live and improve the quality of your life in your home

Every STEP comes from having a plan, a project and a vision for your home. It’s MEETING YOUR NEEDS, finding the solutions that fit your budget and your time to start acting on the transformational goal.

Marie started in baby steps to change her house towards being a Home. Now, she was aware of how a chaotic environment would not help her to perform into greatness in life.
Like Marie, we often put in our walls stress, fear and insecurities. Understanding who she is and what’s preventing to have an organize and flexible space full of solutions to keep all items in order, is a MUST!
“Understand who you are, what you like and dislike. What activities do you do at Home. Whats your unique style?”
We all have our traumas and Limiting Thoughts and most of the time we run an automatic program that keep us stuck in to a life of creation and power to DESIGN the life we want to live. It’s easier to be on a familiar environment and accumulate stuff we don’t need anymore, because somehow we are attached to emotions of the PAST.
Keeping what no longer serves won’t create space for the new to come through.
What exactly do you want Marie? Break free from the excuses you tell yourself for not taking action
Moodboard sets the style expression of the self. Marie wanted to keep some items. So they were considered to integrate the proposal.
1. What do you Love and Hate?
2. Keep Focus
3. Decide the MOODBOARD
4. Find the Layout
5. Proposals to analyse, change, add, delete.
6. Create an Action PLAN to START the Changes
7. Shopping
8. Painting and Assembling
9. Create a Motivation action to train the brain into the new habits
10. Organize CLUTTER
THE PROCESS WILL take the time that matches your own pace. You will set the tone.

Limitation or Liberation?

Before and After

1. One of her passions is photography, images that inspire from places she visited
2. Open the space for a wider perspective
3. Glass and metal create a lighter atmosphere and wood accents to give warmth feeling
4. Minimizing two sofas into one with Chaise Longue gives more space to flow at the Living Room and can sit 5 people on it.
5. Create a Happy Moodboard on wall with pictures that makes her happy.
6. Lighting above the table for function and wood accent for a cozy dining area in contrast with black & white.
7. Pendant lamp divides the social area and gives a general light
8. Curtain with straight lines to support a vertical architecture to open up the space. Textiles helps to reduce the sunlight, balance the temperature and accustic
9. An armchair for reading, relaxing and extra sit for socializing
10. Centralize the storage area in one wall and make it big, instead of disperse the furniture around the area. Which would create a chaotic environment and interiors less organized
11. Flat rug divides the space, creates comfort, coziness and personality to the style
12. On progress to be finished
It’s a process of liberation creating an healthy environment to live, love and grow!

Once you start to understand who you are and reflect it into your space, you don´t want to stop liberating what no longer serves you.


“The brain will find new circutes to embrace new habits, new thoughts”